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5 Ways To Refurbish Your Garage

Although garages were invented to keep your car safe, a lot of people are now using their garage for other purposes due to the lack of room a lot of us have in England.

The garage, when done up correctly, can be an excellent place to add an extra room and could be a selling point for your house. These are 5 suggestions on what to turn your garage into.


child in playroom
Marc van der Chijs

A playroom could be the perfect solution for too many overly active children. This can be a place where they can mess it up as much as they like without you worrying something will get broken. This is more ideal in garages that are attached to the house so that you can still keep an eye on them.


computer in home office

A workspace could be anything from an office to a workshop or even a music studio. Whatever profession you are in, this can be a space for you to do it. This could work well if your garage is detached from the home, you can make all the mess and noise you like without it affecting anyone in your house.


home gym

Sometimes you get the days where you just don’t feel like leaving your house to go to the gym but if the gym was in your house, maybe you would have more motivation to go. Although you have to buy all the equipment that you want, it does also mean you will never have to pay for your gym membership again, working out cheaper in the long run.


garage storage

For a lot of people, this is where items are stored that don’t have a place in their home. However, although it’s a great use for space, a lot of people don’t optimise it, just throwing items in wherever they will fit until it’s so cluttered they can’t walk through it. Utilising ceiling storage and stacking boxes with labels are great ways to make the most of this room while also keeping it organised.

Other Living Space


If you insulate the walls and get some heating in there, it can actually be great as a guest bedroom, a games room or maybe even a movie room. Garages are usually very spacious so why not make the most out off it and create a space you wouldn’t be able to have otherwise.

Garages don’t have to be boring, they can be anything you want them to be but if you are ever in need of a new garage door before you start designing your dream place, then give us a call today.