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How Much Should You Pay For Your Garage Door Repair?

Your garage door is such a key feature of your property. After all, it keeps your belongings secure and gives you somewhere to keep your vehicles. But more than this it also forms part of your home’s kerb appeal. It’s therefore surprising that it’s often taken for granted; that is until it breaks. A broken garage door can potentially leave your property insecure, as well as posing a health and safety risk and really needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

Garage doors require specialist knowledge and equipment to repair and as a result, you’ll normally need to consult a professional. You will need to trust your repair company to do the right thing for you and make appropriate recommendations. Unfortunately, some companies play on the urgency of your repair and your lack of garage door knowledge. This often results in people being sold replacement garage doors they don’t require or being charged inflated prices.

At Garage Door Repair Man we hate to see anyone get overcharged for their repair, which is why we’ve put together a pricing guide for some of the most common garage door repairs. Although this guide isn’t exact, as there are so many variables such as brand and severity of the damage, it should give you a good idea as to whether you’re being charged a fair price.

Click on the garage door repair below, that’s relevant to you, to be provided with more information and estimated costs.

How Much Should a Garage Door Lock Replacement Cost?

We would recommend a price in the range of £35-£85 is about right.

There are a variety of different garage door locks available and the type you need will generally depend on the age of your door. More modern garage doors have a lock that’s separate to the handle, whereas it’s common to see handles with locks integrated into older models.

The different types of handles mean there’s quite a range in the price you can expect to pay.

How Much Should You Pay For Roller Door Straps?

Replacement roller door straps should cost you anywhere from £15-£35.

Your roller door straps are imperative to the safe operation of your roller garage door. A garage door with compromised straps poses a risk to your safety. These straps are what holds your roller garage door on the roller door shaft. It’s this shaft that turns to open or close your garage.

If you have issues with your roller door straps you should seek to have them repaired or replaced as soon as possible. This doesn’t mean you should pay over the odds though. You would expect a typical replacement to cost around £15-£35.

What Should You Pay To Get Garage Door Rollers Replaced?

Replacement garage door rollers should cost you around £40-£70.

Although your garage door rollers failing is unlikely to cause too many safety concerns, it can be a major inconvenience. Broken garage door rollers are likely to cause your door to jam, which varies from an inconvenience to an emergency. If you can’t fully close your garage door, you can’t ensure the safety of your contents. That’s why it’s best to get your rollers replaced when they start showing signs of failure and excessive wear, rather than waiting for them to be unusable.

Garage door rollers vary in size and brand and start at around £40. Quality door rollers will outlast cheaper pattern counterparts, so it makes sense to replace with original quality than cheaper imitations for long-term durability. Even for the most robust quality rollers, you should expect to pay no more than around £70.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Garage Door Cables & Cones Replaced?

To have replacement garage door cables installed, you should budget between £40 and £90 – this price should cover the cost of cone replacement if needed.

Your garage door cables are critical to the safe use of your garage door. If you can see your cables fraying, or you are down to just one cable, you should call for a repair immediately and refrain from using the door. Continuing to use the door with just one cable will put a strain on the remaining wires which can result in your remaining wire breaking. If both of the cables break when the door is open, your door can come crashing down.

Give your local garage door repair company a call as soon as possible.

What Should a Replacement Garage Door Remote Fob Cost?

A replacement garage door remote fob should set you back between £45 and £70.

If you’re down to your last remote fob, then you should be looking to get another one to avoid being left without access to your garage. The fee that you pay in the range of £45 – £70 will depend on the brand of garage door but the price should include programming.

What Do Garage Door Springs Cost To Replace?

You should budget between £60-£120 to have your garage door springs replaced.

Your garage door spring is responsible for lifting the weight of your garage door. When it breaks, you’ll find that your garage door is harder to open and no longer stays open by itself.

Garage door springs are under significant pressure when wound and can pose a serious risk to your safety if handled incorrectly. That’s why it’s always best to leave any sort of spring replacement to a qualified garage door engineer.

How Much Is a Replacement Roller Garage Door Control Box?

You should expect to pay between £150 and £250 for your replacement roller garage door control box. This will generally include a couple of remotes.

If your remote control works, but your roller garage door isn’t opening, there’s a good chance your garage door control box has failed. It may be a case that your wiring needs checking and the fix can be made quickly and cheaply. In other cases, there may be a more serious issue with your control box, which would require a replacement. You should be wary of spending more than £250 without an explanation of the cost.

How Much Should You Pay To Have Your Garage Door Operator Motor Replaced?

An up and over garage door operator motor should cost around £250 to replace, whereas a roller garage door motor will cost around £300.

Door operator motors can be challenging for a DIY installer, so we’d usually suggest that you leave them to a professional. A replacement motor that isn’t installed correctly can fail prematurely and can even damage other parts of your garage door.

What Should You Pay For a New Garage Door?

A new up and over garage door will cost upwards of £450 and a roller garage door will cost from £795 upwards.

Even with the best intentions, it may not be possible to repair your garage door and therefore you’ll need to look at a replacement. A new garage door has probably one of the biggest ranges in cost. The brand, size and quality of your door will have a significant bearing on the price. Roller garage doors are naturally more expensive as they involve an automated aspect.

When it comes to buying a new garage door, you should expect a broader price range. With that being said, you should always ask questions about the features of the door and approach other garage door companies to compare your quote. This way you can be sure that you’re not paying over the odds.

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